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About Us

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Our History

Some musicians groups had been organized by districts throughout California as California State Old Time Fiddlers Association (CSOTFA). Among them was District 12. The first organizational meeting was held in Pismo Beach on August 18, 1985.

The Executive Board of the Santa Maria District 12, California State Old Time Fiddlers voted unanimously on November 13, 1993 to withdraw from CSOTFA, Inc. and form their own autonomous group called Central Coast Fiddlers (CCF) to serve the membership better. Thus, The Central Coast Fiddlers has is roots from the CSOTFA and started with Al Tracy.

The purpose of CCF: Preservation and promotion of "Old Time" Fiddle Music.
First effort at establishing a Nonprofit Corporation (CCF) began 06 December 1993. James F. Andrews was first president and "Founder" of the group. William "Julio Boysenberry" Mirkin was president. There were 106 members at the time.

Bylaws of the Central Coast Fiddlers was adopted January 9, 1994.

Group meetings started at the Pismo Beach Moose Lodge. After two years the group moved to the Nipomo Senior Center (where musicians rehearse now). Later, meetings were carried out at the Portuguese Hall and finally our present band leader Patricia Shields found the Arroyo Grande Woman's Club where we hold our dances, music playing, directors meetings, holiday celebrations, etc.

Several die hard, giving and loyal members participated in the formation of what our club is today. Among them, Dan and Loretta Healy, Liz and Ira Moore, Mike Greiten ( past president, asked his friend Griffin to design the Logo. for T-shirts and stationery), Patricia Shields (Secretary & Treasurer), Bill Mirkin and many others.

Many Board of Directors have been elected and served in the past and we hope to continue the yearly election of new Directors to help preserve and maintain our club Purpose.